CBD Gifts for Gamers and Game recommendations

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CBD Gifts for Gamers

Howdy All,

I hope you're all keeping well. Today we talk about CBD Gifts for Gamers and my experiences using CBD while playing video games. I will give you some recommendations for games if you're pressed for choices on trying something new or revisiting old favourites, and I will also go over a few CBD product recommendations for if you're looking for gifts for gamers.

Gamer issues with the hands

I've been playing video games since I was a little kid, and now that I'm older there are issues with age/wear and tear that I have to deal with while playing.  My main problem is my hands, I've been typing since I was a child, I've worked a lot through my life using my hands, and have sustained injuries to them over the years, because of this my hands get a bit sore and stiff, especially in cold weather conditions.  Normally I would have to warm up my hands a bit and loosen up my fingers to start to play with a gamepad or sometimes with my keyboard and mouse.  I've been experimenting with using different forms of CBD to help with these issues. 

CBD Salve for flexibility of your hands to respond quickly

The CBD Salve with Lavender & Eucalyptus has been the most helpful for my needs.  The CBD Salve has helped more than the CBD Oil, as it's a direct local effect where I need/want it distributed most.  The best way I can describe the effects of before and after is, imagine a normal door in your house, imagine that its hinge is squeaking every time you open/close the door, that's how my hands feel sometimes, after using the CBD Salve, it's as if the door has been lubricated with WD40, my hands feel looser, more flexible, and quicker response times pushing the buttons and controller sticks.  Some of us older people who grew up with video games, we still love to play, but normal ageing, body wear and tear, injuries, disabilities, life circumstances, all of these play a role in slowing us down or make it more painful to enjoy and relax, this is why I Highly recommend you to consider using CBD. 

CBD For gaming in the UK

Late at night is usually when I play games "If/when I have the time". I have a wide range of games I enjoy playing, from city builders to first person shooters.  Lately, I've been going back and forth playing old games I used to love and newer games. I will give you some recommendations for games if you're hard pressed for choices, I will also go over more CBD product recommendations for gamers. 

Common Gaming Side Effects

CBD Gaming Chill Zone pic

Gaming has it's side effects, especially if you're playing in competitions. Games can be stressful, demanding for attention to details, puzzle solving, rude players, hackers, cheats, campers, etc...  

First lets review some common problems with long term video gamers, especially professional esport athletes.  The most common issue gamers run into in the long term is  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  According to the NHS UK "Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is pressure on a nerve in your wrist. It causes tingling, numbness and pain in your hand and fingers. You can often treat it yourself, but it can take months to get better." 

Another common problem among frequent gamers are Nutritional deficiencies.  This is caused by various factors, depending on the individual, such as skipping meals, poor diet, and lack of sleep or exercise.  

can't sleep? try CBD

Chronic Stress, depression, mental fatigue, peer pressure, performance pressure/anxiety.

For more frequent and long marathon gaming sessions Pneumothorax or collapsed lungs caused by poor posture. Symptoms include painful chest, back, and shoulders. It is often accompanied by breathing difficulties.


Is Using CBD in eSports allowed?

is CBD in Esports allowed?

In 2019, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) amended their rules and exempted CBD. Players are now allowed to consume CBD products during sports and tournaments. Participants of competitions and tournaments are subjected to undergo a random drug test. According to Gold Bee’s founder Charline J. Favela, if the CBD product contains THC, even the slightest amount (like full spectrum CBD products) the gamer might test positive for THC and its metabolites, particularly THC-COOH.  Rules which the ESL follows, players are allowed to consume CBD during tournaments, provided that it doesn’t contain any THC.

Outside tournaments and competitions though, the ESL explains that gamers are free to consume cannabis.

CBD products as a gift for gamers to reduce side effects of gaming

If you are looking for gamer stuff for yourself or your friends, then CBD can be a great idea to use or give away as a gift. I'll explain why:

Backtracking to some of the common side effects of gaming, first lets discuss the lack of sleep, CBD in various forms is known and renowned for its effects and abilities to help people get a restful sleep. Depending on your individual preference, you may consider consuming CBD orally, or Topically.  CBD Oil is a good method to try, as it's vegetarian "for those inclined", CBD will also help towards relieving the stress and anxiety of playing the game or events, BUT in Gamer fashion, we need stuff fast!

CBD products with fast and effective effects for gamers

Faster than the normal traditional CBD Oil are the CBD Softgel Capsules, made with a nanoemulsion technology that allows for maximum absorption, that’s at least two times higher than CBD found in an oil form. Joy Organics CBD Softgel Capsules are available in Two options, including: Joys CBD Softgel Everyday Forumula, and Joy Organics CBD Softgels Curcumin Formula.  

CBD Softgel Capsules in the UK available in Everyday formula and curcumin

My personal experience with the CBD Softgel capsules are great, I've found them much more effective than the normal CBD Oils, for me they also seem to be absorbed much faster than the oil, or the CBD Gummies. Both CBD Softgel formulas are wonderful, for those with more joint pains and aches, I strongly recommend the CBD Softgels with Curcumin.

The CBD Softgels are NOT Vegetarian, they contain "Bovine/Cow" Gelatine. For those who are vegetarian or vegan, you should consider the Vegan CBD Gummies they taste wonderful, and come in 2 flavours. 

CBD Gummies in the UK Strawberry or Apple flavours

The CBD Gummies are available in Strawberry Lemonade, or Green Apple, you receive 30 Gummies with 10mg of Premium Broad Spectrum CBD, THC-Free, and in a Recyclable BPA free jar.

CBD Energy Drink UK for energy and focus

CBD products when you need an energy boost

For those who need an Energy boost, consider the CBD Energy Drink mix for Energy and Focus, this is also fast acting. You get the benefits of the CBD, plus 75mg of Caffeine, and multiple vitamins & minerals.  This CBD Energy drink will boost your body with Vitamins A, Bs, C, D, E, K, and more.

For gamers that are more interested in a Topical version of CBD, here's some recommendations for your to consider. My personal favourite the CBD Salve with Lavender & Eucalyptus, this has a wonderful scent "my opinion only" it's highly effective as a topical solution, you can rub it on to various parts and areas you want specifically to be relieved first. 

CBD Salve in the UK and CBD Salve stick

The CBD will start to work on the local area that's applied to, and the CBD will be absorbed by the body and distributed to other areas.  The added effects of the Lavender & Eucalyptus scents help to relax and clear your sinus.  If you prefer a salve that is a different scent or none, take a look at CBD Salve Stick Unscented, it's the same CBD Salve, but on a convenient stick, easy to transport and carry around with you in various situations.

CBD Cream UK unscented, and free shipping within the UK

An alternative to the CBD Salves, are the CBD Creams available.  While we were discussing the unscented salve recently, the CBD Cream unscented, same benefits as the CBD Salve Stick, but as a cream.  The CBD Cream,comes in a pump and acts quick to soften and moisturize your skin. Chapped hands and feet are renourished with, 250mg of CBD and nourishing oils from seeds.

CBD Sports Cream in the UK with menthol

CBD products for relaxing your muscles after gaming

For those of you who don't mind a scented cream, consider the CBD Sports Cream by Joy Organics, with 400mg of Premium CBD, Menthol and Camphor in a 4oz pump. CBD Sports Cream will help support muscle recovery in cases of having a stiff neck, leg aches, sore muscles, and muscle aches, by combining the effects of their premium grade CBD with cooling menthol and camphor. Together these compounds support healthy muscles.

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 CBD relaxing with games

Gifts for gamers: CBD and Games

CBD and games are excellent gifts for gamers. Lets go over some games to play if you're pressed for choice, or looking for something different.  First on my list of games to consider playing is a game called "Valiant Hearts"  I never heard of it at first, I saw it during a Steam sale, and picked it up based on the recommendations from other players.  I loved this game! It has a great and immersive story that stays with you.  The game is based on the Western front of World War 1.  The graphics/visual is cartoonish/comic book style/sketch art, 2d.  The Characters are memorable, there are historical inaccuracies but you can get past it.  This game is one of those types of games that you can get yourself emotionally invested in, it's not a long game/campaign but sometimes you don't need an overly long complicated campaign to enjoy a great game.  The game has its flaws, but overall this is a game to definitely consider for something different.  Currently the game sells on Steam for £12.49 if you wait for a steam sale you can usually pick up the game for under £5  think that's less than a cup of high priced Coffee, and it will bring you more enjoyment and entertainment for longer, as when you're done with the game, you don't have to throw it away, you can play again years later if you want to.

While we're on the topic of World War 1, the next game on the list is EA BattleField 1, This is a first person shooter game, with online multiplayer pvp.  Battlefield game genre fans are probably already familiar with this game. The maps are fun to play, the settings are very well done, weapons are enjoyable to use, standard varieties available, sniper classes, support class, medic, assault, and with extra for Cavalry, tanks, pilots.  IF you haven't played this game before, you should definitely check out a trailer for it here.

The next game recommendation is called "Space Pirates and Zombies 2" it's currently available for £14.99 but you can get it 50% or more when on sale, it's also available to play in VR.  The game is fun, you can tweak the sandbox to play the way you like, such as by changing the economy, damages dealt & received, etc.  The graphics are nice, it's not that demanding hardware wise until later stages of the game, depending on your settings.

Fortnite is another game for your consideration, it's free to play, until you want more custom options.  It's cross platform, so you can play with friends on several different types of gaming devices and consoles.  If you're not aware, this is a 3rd person shooter, battle royal type of game, you can play solo, duos, squads, or teams.  It's fun to play if you enjoy this genre of games, Fortnite will change the season theme of the game every few months to keep it fresh and engaging.  They're still evolving the game with every season, the hardware demands have recently become more demanding, as they've increased some graphics settings/features.

One of my favourite games is "Fallout 4". It wasn't great when it first came out due to bugs/glitches, but I still enjoyed the story.  The game of the year edition is worth a buy or try depending on your options, in the past it's been available on xbox game pass, steam sometimes has a free week or weekend play of it, you can get a good deal on a steam sale for it.  To me this had a lot of the features that Cyberpunk 2077 was lacking in, the first and 3rd person views, the weapons' customizations, sorry I won't go into a review of Cyberpunk 2077 right now... 1 of the best story quests/expansions for Fallout 4 is the "Far Harbor" DLC, by far the best DLC for the game, in my opinion.

Another All time favourite is "Red Dead Redemption 2" wonderful story rich game, again available in first person or 3rd person views, you also have the online mode available.  Character customizations are good for the campaign/story mode, shaping Arthurs beard or attire to your preferences.  The graphics are beautiful, hardware demand is high. This is a perfect game to get your cowboy on, beautiful settings in the wilderness and towns.  I would suggest to wait for a sale, as the normal price on steam is a bit expensive. 

Thank you and best wishes to you and your family.


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