Mother's Day CBD Oil & Gift Ideas

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Howdy All,

I hope you're well. 

Mothers day and lots of other Holidays are coming up during the next month. Here are some Mother's Day CBD Oil & Gift Ideas for you to consider to pamper mom with.

CBD Energy Drink Mix UK

The CBD Energy Drink Mix from Joy Organics

First idea for you to consider is the CBD Energy Drink Mix from Joy Organics.  How many mothers do you know that could use a Good & Effective energy drink?  With all of the hard work moms do everyday, it's only natural they could use a boost in the day to help them achieve their daily tasks and goals.  The CBD Energy Drink mix comes packed 12.5mg of CBD, with multivitamins to help give your body what it needs, in addition to multivitamins, it's packed with 75mg of Caffeine to give you that extra burst of energy.  It's also a great help for the active mom, this could be great before or after a workout, and other activities.

CBD Bath Bombs UK

The CBD Bath Bombs

My second suggestion for you to consider is the CBD Bath Bombs these are an amazing way to help relax.  Each CBD Bath Bomb is infused with 25mg of CBD as well as Organic Coconut oil, and Lavender oil.  The bath bombs will help to relax, and help take away some of those aches.  Since the CBD is being placed in a bath, the CBD is able to be absorbed topically in parts of the body you just can't reach, this helps for a total body relaxation.  This is perfect for after a long stressful day, or a day of heavy exercises or other activities.  Not only will it help relax your body, but it will also help with a better, deeper sleep.  This would be welcomed by most if not all moms.

CBD Gummies Vegan UK


The vegan CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are becoming more popular with people in general.  The CBD Gummies are Vegan.  The Gummies are available in 2 different flavours, Strawberry Lemonade, or Green Apple.  This is a tasty alternative to ingesting your CBD.  The CBD Gummies are another great idea to show mom how much you care, and appreciate her.  As with all of the products available on our site, they are THC Free, as in 0/Zero THC in any of the products.  CBD Gummies are great to help relax the whole body, as with any method of ingesting CBD, it gets distributed throughout the bodies receptors.

CBD Salve Stick, CBD Salve with lavender and eucalyptus

The CBD Salve with Lavender and Eucalyptus

The next idea for you to consider gifting to mom, is the CBD Salve with Lavender and Eucalyptus.  I personally love this salve, it's so handy and useful.  This is great for using on cracked, dry or itchy skin.  This CBD Salve really helps renourish the skin, and it softens up calluses. My main exercise is using a rowing machine, and I develop calluses on my hands/fingers.  This salve is great at softening the calluses without having to use a pumice stone.  It's been extremely helpful in relieving aches in localized areas.  The smell of the Lavender and Eucalyptus grew on me, and It's also helpful towards clearng up my nose congestion.  If you don't like the smell of Lavender or Eucalyptus you can consider the CBD Salve Stick Unscented, and it's very convenient to carry around.

CBD Cream Unscented UK

The CBD Cream Unscented

While I'm still fresh on topicals, the next Idea to consider is the CBD Cream Unscented.  This is another convenient way to help nourish your skin, and help alleviate some of your aches and pains.  As it's in the name the CBD cream is Unscented, this is another alternative to the CBD Salves.  The cream is handy as are other topicals for helping localized/specific areas of the body.  Moms are working hard everyday, whether that be in the workplace or working at home doing everything else.  Moms just like Dads will get aches and pains from normal house chores, why not consider this as a gift for Mom.




Mother's Day CBD Oil from Joy Organics in 4 flavours

The obvious idea that most people think of when it comes to CBD is CBD Oil. The CBD Oil from Joy Organics, are available in 4 strengths and 4 flavours.  A reminder the CBD Oil 225mg bottles have been Discontinued.  These are still available on our site while supplies last.  However once the inventory of the 225mg CBD finishes, it will not be available again.  Currently 4 flavours are available, the CBD oil comes in Natural/unflavoured, Tranquil Mint, Summer Lemon, & Orange Bliss, nice options for different taste preferences.  CBD Oil is the more traditional/famous way of ingesting CBD, but as you've read from earlier recommendations there's many different ways of benefiting from CBD, for your preferred method. 


I hope this has helped given you some gift ideas for mothers day. 

Best Wishes to you and your families.


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